Things that matter

傘 (rōmaji kasa) [ka̠sa̠].
— (Noun) Umbrella (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun).

The Movement

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We launched Kasa AI to foster a collaborative environment for exploring applications of modern technologies to insurance, and developing open source tools implementing them.

In addition to performing research and building software, we are also committed to democratizing knowledge in the insurance industry, which, like many others, is undergoing rapid change due to advances in disruptive technologies. This means providing opportunities for actuaries to pick up relevant software development skills, and for data scientists to obtain subject matter expertise.

We endeavor to undertake these activities in an ethical and responsible manner, and doing our best to ensure that the technologies developed will not be used to unfairly discriminate against insurance consumers.

The People

Kasa AI is run by an informal network of volunteer advisors, who help with everything from technical review to advocating for the initiative. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to any of us.

Kevin Kuo

Ryan Thomas

Ronald Richman

Joe Fang

JD Long